Fake Pot Is A Real Problem For Regulators

Fake Pot Is A Real Problem For Regulators
It's readily available on the Internet and in convenience stores and smoke shops, where it's sold as herbal incense or potpourri. A Stand-In For Marijuana. At roughly $ 20 a gram, it's unlikely that many buyers are using synthetic marijuana to freshen …
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Marcus to ask commission to ban herbal incense, fake pot, and bath salts
Palm Beach County Commissioner Karen Marcus is pushing for a ban on the sale of herbal incense, synthetic marijuana and bath salts.
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High plant-based foods' intake may help smokers quit, stay tobacco free
Can plant-based foods and herbal preparation help smokers quit the habit for good? CHUKWUMA MUANYA writes. THERE have been various proposed treatments for people who want to quit smoking. Top on the list is the administration of nicotine, the …
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Ottawa committee proposes hookah ban at parks
The hookah, or nargile, is a Middle Eastern water pipe that can be used to smoke herbal products other than tobacco. The city's smoking bylaw was extended this year to extend to patios, city parks and beaches, but the bylaw only deals with tobacco and …
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